Music On Monday: Paddling Out

It’s officially summer and I can tell you for sure because I am running hard and running often and enjoying it. In the winter I run for the sake of like…cardiovascular health and some alone time with Ira Glass. In the summer I run for fun and tan lines that make me feel athletic.

My girl Nell knows I am always looking for more music that will keep me running a little longer, so last week she suggested this little gem. ‘Paddling Out’ is a fun bit of indie pop by Miike Snow. This band is from Sweden which gives them street cred in terms of fun-ness, because you know how every time you go to Sweden you end up in some basement bar really drunk having a super deep conversation over house music with a woman in red lipstick? It’s crazy.

Today was the first official day of my twelve-week-long-to-protect-my-injury-prone-hips-half-marathon-training and it started with a steep incline and ended with a thunderstorm chasing me and my sister home. Four miles of perfection.

One thought on “Music On Monday: Paddling Out

  1. Miike Snow is pretty awesome…if you like that…you maaay like Ghostland Observatory and Justice…for some reason these two don’t get on my nerves and instead make me want to “dance”.

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