At The Park Today

Four kids next to me having a conversation about who has the best ‘roar.’

Boy 1: I have the best roar. Watch. ROAAAAAAAAR!

Boy 2: I have the best roar because I’m the oldest, I am 6! ROAAAAAAAAAAAAR!

Girl 1: NO WAY! My roar is best! ‘ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!’

Boy 2: No, you are only 4! I am 6 so my roar is stronger!

Girl 1: Yes, but I’m a girl! Girls are really POWERFUL! Being 4 doesn’t matter if you have a girl roar!

Boy 2: How do you know?

Girl 2 (about 3 years old): Our mom told us.

Boys 1 and 2: :::: thinking very hard about this ::::

Girls 1 and 2: :::: run away roaring ::::

The best part of my morning was telling that mom about the conversation on my way out of the park…she shook her head and laughed, but she was beaming with pride.

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