Music on Monday: What I Am

I love going through my iTunes library and feeling cool about my music collection, but it’d be dishonest to act like I don’t spend part of each day listening to music for children. When little V goes into a little funk or a massive meltdown or a milkymilkymilky frenzy, watching famous artists doing songs on Sesame Street via YouTube is almost always a cure. Otherwise it’s chocolate. When all else fails, she likes 80% cocoa.

Her favorite right now is Jason Mraz singing with Elmo, and I like Feist’s appearance…and her blouse. Our child jams to Bruno Mars but it’s not my favorite. Is it me or is that man flirting with puppets?

I chose’s song with the monsters because 1) I like the message in the song 2) the shoulder shimmy our child does to this beat is so cute it would make your head explode and 3) looks SO over the whole Sesame Street scene, it makes me laugh. He is doing this appearance to humor someone. His agent? His nephew? It’s not for the love of Cookie Monster, I can tell you that.

3 thoughts on “Music on Monday: What I Am

  1. the feist appearance is one of my fav’s, too. p could care less but i like it! 🙂 sesame has good musical guests nowadays! i don’t remember cool people on seasame in my day that’s for sure.

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