This Won’t Make The Cover Of TIME Magazine

So obviously, almost nine months after writing this, I’m still breastfeeding. If this somehow bothers you (trust me, it bothers some people), get over it.

People who know me in real life heard me rant and rave when that TIME magazine cover came out to accompany their somewhat interesting but not very comprehensive story on attachment parenting. I didn’t blog about it because so many other people did. (click here for an interesting round-up of some of that writing) And mostly I was just too disappointed that a discussion about a parenting technique in general was dragged into such a silly non-analysis of breastfeeding {in a space and/or after the allotted time allowed by the boob police} and little more ever came of it. Sigh.

But, for the record, this is what breastfeeding looks like. When my best friend and I decided to do a photo shoot with our kids, a few aggressive hugs (her son really loves my daugther…and the feeling is mutual but the means of expressing it has not yet been agreed upon) and an hour creeping dangerously close to nap time led to a dual nursing session. And this is what it looks like. Except that I am usually not in such forgiving light. Thanks to the wonderful local photographer Samantha Elizabeth for the flattering angles.

And if you were wondering how the rest of the shoot went…

12 thoughts on “This Won’t Make The Cover Of TIME Magazine

  1. Beautiful photos, how special to have made such memories with your best friend! My best friend and I made a plan in high school that we would coordinate having kids (around the age of 30) and would MAKE them be best friends. So far it’s been working out, her little boy has publicly declared his love for U.

    On the bf note, I am a tiny bit jelaous. A couple of weeks ago N decided that he was no longer interested in nursing. We had a good run and I was also ready but it is still bittersweet.

    1. I understand you being jealous Jelena…but just so you know I’m jealous of you too! My dream scenario is that one day (maybe not too long from now!?) V will just up and decide she doesn’t care anymore! PLEASE LET IT BE THAT WAY! That way I can have a good cry in the shower over it, but then have my boobs to myself for a while 🙂

  2. I am also sad at how the whole “Are You Mom Enough” discussion went. Every Mom’s story is so different, and we are lucky to live in a time where we have so many options for feeding, rearing, teaching, etc. Instead, it feels like we remain stuck in our judgmental corners, as Time surely highlighted. Your pictures are beautiful, and you’re so fortunate to still be able to nurse your daughter!

  3. I’ve never commented but read often…I’m jealous. Sort of like your nightmare of going space and ending breastfeeding, at 13 months I went out of town for four days and came home to a baby boy who loves a bottle more than he loves oxygen. Its been two months and I’m still so sad.

    I try to remember that I was sure I’d never make to 6 months, let alone 13!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I know the day I am done nursing will be a sad one, even though part of me will feel very free. I try to remember how lucky I am, not everyone wants to breastfeed, but even those who do don’t always have the chance to do it for as long as I have.

  4. Beautiful! As for extended breastfeeding – I just got back from 11 days away from my one-year-old, was wondering if she would wean herself while I was gone (but pumped the whole time, just in case) … turns out, nope, she was happy to see me on my return, but REALLY happy to see my boobs! So we’re now happily entering the “extended breastfeeding” arena along with you 🙂

  5. love it, sista. I weaned B last month (made it to 18 months!), mainly cause I’m preggo and mama needs a break before baby #2 arrives and the whole thing begins again. That last nurse was so poignant, and I miss it (but I still know I needed a break). It’s all good.

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