Parenting Strategies of the Month(s)

It wouldn’t be summer if we didn’t let her play in a pool puddle of other children’s urine.

Sometimes you have to decide what’s more important: the life of this plastic mermaid, or Falcor’s happiness for the next 3o minutes.

You have to teach your kids to be gentle with dogs. In the meantime, you have to teach your dog to be fine with things like this. No one gives this dog enough credit.

This is how fun breakfast is for four parents after two days and nights of zero parental responsiblities. A key strategy to keeping my sanity.

Sometimes it’s just like…I’m tired. It’s been a long day. Does it really matter if she is covered in bean chili?

I heard too much silence, and the sound of paper rustling. Came out of find she had discoverd my sister’s new jewelry and was whispering ‘Booooo-ti-ful!’

Waking up is a lot more fun with a friend!

If we treat her like a big girl, sometimes she suddenly acts like one. Dining her with her friend Grace.

An attempt to help her get over her fear of spraying water…by taking her through some spraying water. Did not work.

I teach her that touching something doesn’t guaruntee that it’s yours, but generally people will turn down food that your mitts have been all over.

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