On A Run

I invited my husband to run four miles with me. He is a much better athlete than I am. More coordinated. Stronger. Faster.

I beat him home by 20 seconds.

Later I heard him telling someone “At first when she pulled ahead of me I thought ‘let her win this one’ but then I thought ‘no, do NOT let her win this one’ but then I realized ‘wait, she is legitimately winning this one.'”

I pushed a human being out of my body, you think I can’t  beat you in a foot race?


My best friend and I met to run a quick three miles. She needed a chat and we both needed some exercise. As we ran up a hill past a shop window I caught a glimpse of our legs and thought ‘Now those are some legs that could kick down a door.’ I didn’t see the jiggly bits or the wobbly parts. Just the four legs that can carry the load of two toddlers all day and still find the energy to run. Up a very steep hill. Felt quite bad ass about it, actually.

Three miles turned to five and after five miles we walked up and down some stairs for a while because the chat wasn’t over. I get the distinct feeling we are saving a lot of money on therapy by spending it on running shoes.


Training with my sister usually helps me take almost a full minute off my per mile pace. Training with me probably adds time to her pace. She runs with me anyway, because I’m her big sister.

Even though we are usually both dog tired by the end, we always sprint-race each other for the last 500 meters. She always wins. I have to let her, because I’m her big sister.

3 thoughts on “On A Run

  1. “jiggly bits and wobbly parts” …I think checking out your legs in shop windows is par for the course…I started doing it to see my super buff legs (psyche) but now I do it to see if I am landing mid-foot or not…so boring.

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