It Takes Two To Zumba

This time around as I train for a half marathon, I chose a training program that has 3 days of running, 2 days of cross training, and 2 days of rest. I changed it from the generally accepted formula of 4 runs, 1 day of cross training and two days of rest because after I went overboard with the running during my last couple races I developed bursitis in my right hip. Then when I got pregnant and added a teeny bit of weight on top of loosened ligaments, that hip became an ongoing issue. I got unpregnant, weight came off, hip is still weird. And here we are today.

When I pictured ‘cross-training’ (essentially a cardio-building exercise other than running) I thought about biking or swimming or even hiking during the early weeks of training since the runs are all distances I can easily manage.

My sister, however, had other plans and used this really weird tactic she has of aggressively guilting you, sometimes using profanity, into agreeing to do something with her. And this something was ‘Zumba.’ I resisted because basically I am not coordinated and don’t like group exercise. Making Zumba the LAST thing I should ever do.

I won’t get into all the details of the Zumba. Let’s just say the lights were turned off, thank universe for that, and the music was loud and the instructor was both VERY enthusiastic and really good at very fast dancing. I wasn’t the worst dancer in there, though at one point during a number called ‘Octopus Arms’ I did cry out ‘Ouch! I hurt my elbow!’, but I wasn’t the best either. There were a few women in the class who had the actual Zumba pants and I feel like they had way more practice.

I can totally see the appeal of Zumba. You know those times when you go out with your friends and suddenly tequila is involved and next thing you know you are on a dance floor dancing so hard you can’t breathe and sweat covers you from head to toe? I think that’s the idea, except with water as the main beverage and no hangover. Genius, actually.

When the class was finished, I definitely felt I had worked out. I also felt like I don’t ever want to Zumba again. I can absolutely understand the appeal, working out can be really hard to motivate yourself to do…in a class full of that much energy and music at that volume, it’s easy to shake it until a couple hundred calories are gone. But I can’t, in good conscience, pay money for this experience again. Between this and Magic Mike, I’ve done my sister enough favors for a while.

6 thoughts on “It Takes Two To Zumba

  1. I love your sister she sure does know how to push someone out of their comfort zone which I need. Can she fly to NJ? You should try step aerobics.

  2. This might have actually pushed me to try Zumba. My friend offered to bring me but she’s an actual dancer so yeah…no.

    Sort of unrelated, I also developed terrible bursitis in my hip during my pregnancy (even when I had only gained about five pounds) and I’m basically scared to have another baby for fear that I will not sleep for another nine months. Did you find anything that worked? I tried a chiropractor but it didn’t really help.

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