It Seems Simple Enough

Dan Cathy saying he doesn’t believe in marriage equality = free speech

People who find that statement disgusting and say so = free speech

People who boycott Chick-fil-a because of that statement = free speech

People who patronize Chick-fil-a because of that statement = free speech

Maintaining a system where gay people cannot marry = discrimination

Using this recent Chick-fil-a incident as a proof that American Christians are persecuted = unfounded

4 thoughts on “It Seems Simple Enough

  1. I am thankful that I have the choice to do what I want and that others can do what they want. Just don’t force me to listen to your opinion, make me want to listen and consider your view.

  2. I agree with all of this – and while I struggle with it (as I am very good friends with an owner/operator of a store who shares none of the beliefs the Cathy family discussed and does a lot of good for his community) I can say that if nothing else good comes from this whole debacle – and if I never heard the words CFA again I will be happy – then I hope a few people have had discussions with their families, with themselves, and realize how unfair it is that there isn’t equal rights for everyone, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. And that is truly what the issue is.

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