Music On Monday: Home For A Rest

Music on Monday was on an unexpected hiatus for a month or so. Because summer was happening and time was flying. Because everything was moving and people were coming and going and we were driving and packing and unpacking. We’ve been celebrating and saying goodbye and meeting new people and I have been, frankly, overwhelmed. In the good way. But sometimes it still makes me cry. In the bad way.

This past weekend I was a bridesmaid for the second-to-last time (mark my words) for my friend Scotti and her new husband Zack. She is a friend who has known me since before I knew myself and still stayed with me after I discovered the reality. We’ve had our ups and downs, closer and not as close, for better and for worse and always friends. Always two people who can say anything, with love in your heart and truth in your words and come out on the other side still holding hands.

A wedding is always a good time when I am in attendance, in large part due to my wedding dancing skills, but Saturday was a tough one for me. Everyone was all couples couples we’re in love yay yay love and I was like I have no date and these shoes have damaged my feet…possible permanently! I am a firm believer, however, of the bridesmaids duty to put on a beautifully brave face for the bride, so I pretended to enjoy it every time someone asked me ‘Now where is your husband? And have I ever met him? Does he exist outside your imagination?’ Answers: 13 hours in the future, no probaby not, and sometimes I wonder.

Once the ceremony was over and the drinking started (re-started? do mimosas even count as drinking?) and the dinner was served I started perking up. Because the music would start and the dancing would follow and I believe in nothing if not the healing powers of rhythmic swaying. And it helped. A lot. We danced and chugged wine and I felt better. Good even. Happy. For love and lovers and people with a date to that wedding and for me. For having such a friend and such a night and this lovely life.

And then this song came on. And the DJ said ‘This one is going out to the Canadians’ but what he didn’t say but should have said is ‘This song is going out to Lane.’ I am not Canadian, but I have lived amongst them, and I can say with some confidence that the greatest lesson I have ever learned from our northern neighbor is that Home For A Rest is the most amazing wedding dancing song ever written and played. I got very aggressive with every Canadian in sight, I screamed the lyrics, I danced wildly. I went home shortly thereafter, it wasn’t going to get much better than that.

3 thoughts on “Music On Monday: Home For A Rest

  1. Canadians…so strange…but no doubt, they know how to have a great time. Although you were not born a Canadian, I am pretty sure you are now one of them. If it looks like a duck canuck, swims like a duck canuck, and sounds like a duckcanuck, then it’s probably a duck canuck.

  2. “She is a friend who has known me since before I knew myself and still stayed with me after I discovered the reality.” Love this line. And as the wife of a husband who travels for work 80% of the time, I completely relate to the questions of his mere existence. Dancing is the only way to stay sane!

  3. Thanks for introducing me to such a wonderful song!!! Glad you got to share Scotti’s special day with her and that you had a wonderful time despite missing David terribly. Dance my friend!!! xxoo

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