The (Faux) Fur Vest Analogy

The weather turned slightly cooler. And after days and weeks of an unusually hot summer, this sudden chill in the air had people reach for cardigans. Perhaps a light jacket. Maybe a scarf. Not my sister, though. Her needs are always just a little more…specific? extravagant? Unique? Let’s say unique.

Before we headed out to an event in the evening, I could hear her frantically rummaging through her things upstairs. The following conversation ensued. Please note we are 31 and 26 years old. And this argument is happening in my parent’s house. So…yea.

me: What are you looking for?

sister: My fur vest. You know the one? My amazing fur vest? It’s gone. Do you have it?

me: No. It’s probably in your room just like the last 5 things you lost and accused me of taking.

sister: It’s not in my room. It’s nowhere. It’s gone. GONE. Can you help me? I need to find it!

me: Can I help you after we get home? We’re running late.

sister: I am not going to be able to enjoy myself at this event if I don’t know the whereabouts of the vest!

me: Ok so…the vest is here. But if it’s not, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

sister: You are NOTHING in Norway if you don’t have a fur vest!

me: Well that’s just not true.

sister: It’s gone. That’s it. It’s totally gone. It’s over.

me: Sure.

:::later, after she was barely able to enjoy the event due to the question of the fur vest:::

mom: Isn’t there a drawer in your room that won’t close? Could that be the vest? Maybe it fell behind?

sister: No. That’s not it.

mom: Should we look?

sister: :::shrugs:::

:::look behind dresser, vest is discovered to be trapped, a successful retrieval is executed:::

sister: We found it! I pulled it out! I had to get in there with the hanger and get it and slowly pull it out and then it was free!

me: I’m so glad.

sister: That’s probably what it feels like to give birth.

me: Surrrrrrrrrrrre. Let’s say that.

Below:Β The person I ACTUALLY gave birth to, modeling said vest and the rest of her aunt’s accessories with disturbing ease.

7 thoughts on “The (Faux) Fur Vest Analogy

  1. Love this post! I can’t wait to see you both! Love you sisters! V looks just adorable and will have an Auntie dressing her up her entire life πŸ™‚ Cracked up at your exchanges with Alley, it was like I was in the room! xxoo

      1. HA, I wasn’t referring to the actual fur part as being a faux pas…more wearing vests…or any type of warm clothing for that matter. Your sister seems like an interesting lady to say the least, Channing Tatum and Fur Vest fetishes.

      2. I’ve been to LA…and seen women wearing UGGs! Which no one should wear, weather notwithstanding! It seems to me you probably just hang out with a more logical sort of person. πŸ™‚

      3. Hmm…UGG boots are supposedly very comfortable and girls love wearing them in the fall/winter around here. My only issue is when they are worn in the summer with daisy dukes.

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