Music On Monday: Hold You In My Arms

I have to ask myself if I may be spending too much time with my sister (is that possible?) when I start repeating songs like this on my playlist. I’m usually not a huge fan of Ray LaMontangne (no offense Ray, you seem like a lovely person) because I get a little sad when I listen to his lyrics. And I take GREAT pains to avoid feeling sad feelings. At all costs. No exceptions for artistic enjoyment. Once in a while I find myself singing some depressing lyrics that were disguised by a peppy beat and I’m like SHIT, they got me!

My sister really, really loves songs with a raspy vocalist. A breathy man. Hopefully with a beard or maybe some hipster glasses. This kind of music is all I hear when we put her Pandora channels on shuffle. I get overwhelmed quickly. Too much sadness. Too much rasp.

But this one. This week. It just grabbed. I just want to hold it in my arms…forever.

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