Music On Monday: Bones

When my friend Abby and I were first getting to know each, we would send each other playlists and book recommendations and names of favorite movies. We’d send each other small parcels with a burnt CD or a paperback to pass on. She is such an interesting, original spirit and I love the inspiration she gives me. She introduced me to Neko Case and ‘Green Wing’ and ‘Long Way Down.’ What was I even listeing to or watching before that!? Rubbish, that’s what.

Abby’s blog is a prettier, more refined, more well considered place than mine, and I like going there and feeling like I stepped into a homes store where the soundtrack is lovely and the sales girl is so cool you just want to make her be your friend. Last week she posted this, and when I clicked on the link for Michael Kiwanuka’s song I couldn’t believe my eyes or my ears. My flight back to Japan is officially booked, and the visuals of this video gave me butterflies thinking of returning there. The onsen, karaoke, shrines, vending machines, bikes, lights. Umbrellas, rivers, rocks, cemeteries, lanterns and laundry. But mostly, always, smiling faces. I’m so excited to see them again.

And can we talk briefly about the song itself? This sound. These lyrics. My kind of love song.

Well I long to be alone with you
And if I couldn’t,
I dont know, what I would do
I guess I would leave
This world alone
Cuz without you I’m just bones

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