On A Walk

This is my child on the way home from our walk. Tired. And wet.

And why are her feet so covered in sand?

After Dave left I pondered whether I could ever walk all three of my babies again and still photograph the event to death and live to tell. It turns out I can.

But not without some unplanned wading. “Mommy come in water, too?” she asked. No honey, not before noon or after Labor Day.

She chased them at ful sprint while yelling “Stay Falcor! Come back Enid! Good dogs! I love these dogs!” They never even slowed down to thank her for her concern.

I successfully resisted the helicopter parent urge to tell her ‘feathers are gross’ when she picked this one up. Are they gross? I should as Professor Google so at least I’ll have facts to back up my depressing party-pooping next time.

If you’re old enough to walk, you’re old enough to carry the leash.

One thought on “On A Walk

  1. Great photos! Looks like Fall hit the UP…warm here today but I’m sure it won’t last. The best moms let their babies wade and pick up whatever they want 🙂 You!

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