Music On Monday: Home

First of all, I have been JAMMING hard to this song on the radio (hits make it to my hometown’s airwaves at a delayed rate) for a couple of weeks. Like SCREAM SINGING. And then I find out this guy is an American Idol? Maybe not all hope is lost for the musical taste of Americans after all! Phillip Phillips is a tiny baby bluegrass hipster! I love it! And the FOX viewers voted for him?! I feel happy! And very out of touch with popular culture!

Secondly, this week has been a whirlwind that and coincided with my quarterly blues-spiral, but things are looking up. I have been packing our lives and coordinating dog paperwork with attention to detail that only Japanese authorities would expect (no I cannot provide an exact date of birth/proof of such date for a rescue dog that was a pile of ribs and patchy fur when I adopted her!) and spending time with friends and family while *tryingtryingtrying* so hard to buy a house and if all goes well *pleasepleaseplease* all the money we’ve ever saved in the world will disappear and we’ll have a permanent address that is not at my mom’s house. And within 48 hours of that landmark event I will be on a plane to another hemisphere. So. Just a few things happening.

Amidst all this exaggerated, self-induced drama real life kept happening. Serious things. Sad things. Joyful things. This week people I love gave birth to new humans, and people I love lost a dear friend. And things in Libya are all fucked and people are getting married and children are starving and typhoons are raging and happiness keeps finding its way in if we let it and I sit here in my little life bubble wondering if we’re doing the right thing and will I be able to afford new flooring in the house I don’t own yet and will I be permanently scarring my child by making her live this transient life and will my dogs recover from 48 hours of travel. And where is Dave? Oh right, in Japan. Well, I miss him.

And the point of all this is that when you have a week like this you have to SCREAM SING anything and everything that would possibly make you feel better. Anything at all.

4 thoughts on “Music On Monday: Home

  1. Never heard of him, pretty good. I would vote for him if there were some sort of tv based contest scored on sound, looks, and lasting image with celebrity judges end editing to influence us…. And McCarty and I will make a tradition of listening to you music choices together. While one of us is bathing. Or both. Together.

  2. I figure you need some good music…not sure if you have heard of The Walkmen but they are absolutely incredible…once I have time to write my bite of MoM (sounds, suds and cinema) I plan on sharing one of their songs…if you like the first one then listen to the 2nd and 3rd…enjoy!

  3. Hey, I’m probably going to start scream singing this one too. Thanks for the introduction. Maybe you also like this because the singer kind of resembles Dave in some way. At least to me he does.

    I know exactly what you mean about that underlying anxiety about all the messed-upness of the world. I am also stressing about the middle east, constantly slightly panicked about global warming, and the list goes on and on… Sometimes I wish I could truly “not give a shit if it doesn’t affect me”, like some people seem to be so good at doing, but that’s not who we are right and I don’t think we want to be those people anyway…

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