On A Walk

I took the dogs for a walk. When it’s just me and my dogs we can go anywhere, and our own pace, follow mysterious staircases and I don’t have to worry about carrying anyone. And on a hazy morning we wandered into this.

Tucked into a hillside above town a cemetary and a shrine. It was amazing. A moment where I actually said aloud ‘wow’ with no one there to hear me. Except for Falcor and Enid, of course.

I had one of those moments of real gratitude. Of awe of life and my life and how things are. I stood there thinking ‘how did I get here?’ in the most metaphorical sense. And then in a more literal sense…thinking, how did I get here and do I know how to get home?

What an amazing place to stand all alone. Except for Falcor and Enid, of course.

After this very self-indulgent moment of silence *so silent* I scampered home and told Dave he HAD to see this. Just had to. So hurry. And by the way, you have to push the stroller.

And carry our kid up these precarious stone steps. Oh and don’t drop her pleaseandthankyou.

Oh to be two years old and find the same excitement at finding this place as she does in finding a raisin in her granola.

3 thoughts on “On A Walk

  1. It is moments like these that make all the confusion and loneliness around living in a strange place worthwhile, isn’t it?
    But maybe two year olds are on to something, maybe a raisin in one’s breakfast is enough of a wonder!

  2. Jelena hit the nail on the head re: making it all worthwhile. Also, love the photo of V’s little diaper butt with her dress tucked into her leggings. So precious! She looks like she’s on a mission.

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