More Than A House

On a Friday last September, I signed the papers to buy a house. The following Monday, I boarded a flight with my daughter and my dogs and flew to Japan. That’s normal right?

Seven months later we returned, all together, to this house that we own. This old, interesting house that had been loved but not cared for. A house that had been lived in but not updated. And we started the project. Which consisted of many projects. A list of projects, plus all the other projects that were hidden under the layers of the initial projects.

From when we landed back on this continent we had a ticking clock of four months. Four months to tackle these projects, decompress from life abroad, reconnect with friends and family, travel. All of it. And suddenly these projects seemed to be taking more than their fair share of that time. More time and more money and more effort that we wanted to spend in such a short span. And suddenly this house, this project, which was supposed to make us freer was making us feel captive.

The truth is, when we sat down, breathed, talked and thought, this kind of dilemma is so obviously a problem only in our minds. We have a house. A home. Safe, warm, place that we have carved out of the world for our family. In a beautiful, peaceful town in a country where plenty is an understatement.

We have projects, sure, and not a hope of finishing them all. Not this summer. Maybe not next. But we have what we have. Which is so much. So, so much.

We have friends.

We have books.DSC_2334

We have space.DSC_2335

And new perspective.DSC_2340

We make new memories, with Dad.DSC_2352

And with soon-to-be new uncle.DSC_2361

We have art.DSC_2362

And so much beauty.DSC_2366

We work well with others.DSC_2368

And things have started to grow.DSC_2370

She has bounce.

And more balance than I could hope for.DSC_2381We have it all.

6 thoughts on “More Than A House

  1. Yes, yes you do. You guys are extremely rich in so many ways. Life is good, and you two have taken a moment to remember just how good it is. A nice gentle reminder for us all. xxoo

  2. Lovely post. I have adopted the attitude that all the unfinished projects are simply part of growing, ours and of the house.
    Here is to many years of love and happiness for your family in your new home!

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