5 thoughts on “Kids Should Be Dirty

    1. It should be Dominick, but don’t you know that TIDE IS POISON FIND A GOOD HIPPY LAUNDRY SOAP OR BETTER YET BORAX AND WORK THE STAINS OUT ON A SCRUB BOARD. Just letting you know, that’s the future of your life if you have kids, lots of people judging when you whip out the harsh chems for stain removal. šŸ™‚ I myself like to use some OxyClean when the going gets rough.

      1. I don’t associate myself with those types of people. I will wash my clothes in Simple Green and pour oil down the drains…im kidding though…I use borax, a vintage washboard and scrub down by the river. PS, loving the tie-dye shirt…good hippy in training.

  1. Now we need the after photos. We have a few pieces that no amount ofVanish/scrub board scrubbing will make look clean again. All those commercials are fake.

    1. We just add those to the designated ‘play clothes/paint clothes/baking clothes’ pile! šŸ™‚ Those commercials are fake for sure. Just like the woman in them wearing heels while joyfully washing clothes.

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