You Are Not, As It Turns Out, What You Eat

If your American mind can translate the British spellings and your delicate sensibilities can handle a few curse words, this blog post by Ramona is an important reminder of the way we forget to criticize how we have come to many of our personal and societal views about the morality of food, health and body size. Spoiler alert: Racism, classism and sexism all play a role, even if you are thinking ‘but not for me!’ Yes, for you. And me. 

The writer quotes food blogger Miss South and I think these words are worth reading a few times.

What you eat may have an impact on your dietary fibre, but it has bugger all to do with your moral fibre. It’s patronising and reductive to suggest otherwise and to focus on the actions of an individual, rather than those of the food industry, helps no one and hinders many, while causing massive divisions in society.

One thought on “You Are Not, As It Turns Out, What You Eat

  1. Agreed, obesity is definitely a multi-layered issue that needs addressing. It is difficult to find direction on what and how to eat at times and almost always a little more expensive than you expect. The convenience and cost of fast food makes it even more burdensome for those with lower incomes. At the same time everyone has decisions to make, there is no invisible hand that controls our free will so we can’t blame the McDonald’s, our job or genetics…we have to do our best with our situation. I completely agree that there is more adversity when looking to reach a goal based on a multitude of factors…and that is not “fair”, much like the rest of life. In American culture it is difficult to not judge people or make assumptions and I will be the first to admit that it is something I continue to work on in all aspects. I don’t want people to make assumptions about me and it serves no positive purpose to judge others. I have a few friends who are obese and struggle with time, money and lack of knowledge…I only try to encourage them and give input on how I find time, make meal choices and have educated myself but I also make sure they know I am trying to progress in my decisions and acknowledge it is not simple or clear cut. Interesting article.

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