Today we embark on this. Point A is also point I, point B is also point D, and all of this encompasses 3,804 miles and approximately 62 hours of car time. Who knows how many hours of rest stop time. A toddler who is potty trained since last week. A couple of dogs who know all too well about the open road. And a cooler full of snacks.

There is at least one blog post in here somewhere, I’m sure?


2 thoughts on “Material.

  1. Sounds really exciting, even though that number for the distance makes my head spin even in km, let alone in miles! Here is to being as zen as possible through it all and when that fails to having enough chocolate and wine to help along :).

    And well done V on potty training! N is also newly potty trained and I am still amazed how easy it was. They surprise me every day, one way or another!

    And I do hope there is a blog post on Denver (that’s your point F, right?). I am headed there in September and would love to hear some highlights!

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