Dispatches From The Road (1)

Logic doesn’t allow me to believe in jinxes, and yet I am so hesitant to tell you about how well the first two 8-hour days of driving went for us on this trip around the universe via Chevy Trailblazer. We have hours and days more ahead, but until then we are resting comfortably in Dave’s hometown with the glory that is grandma, grandpa, great-grandpa, aunts, uncle, cousins and hockey practice in the backyard.

The kids were wonderful on the way here, and Enid took her role as a lap-dog to a whole new level.


The happiest travelers, provided they get enough to eat and drink and some grass to pee upon.


She is 2 and a half, he’ll soon be 97.


I think they will love this picture someday.


Such confidence.

DSC_2706 DSC_2725

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