Father Figure

Less than a week since Dave has left. I’ve got 2 of our 4 bags packed, some of the house organized, a renter sorted. Our girl was adapting well, only one round of tears on the morning he left when she woke up to realize he was gone. But Skype has kept us connected to him and the summertime pace of life has kept us moving along. And she seemed fine. Until this.

During imagination play with my sister yesterday, a favorite pasttime for both of them, she dug out one of Dave’s helmets, asked my sister to wear it, and immediately began calling her “dad.”

me: Honey, she’s not your dad. She’s your auntie.

V: No, she’s my dad. See the helmet? C’mon Dad! Let’s play princess and spray those cotton candy dragons!

my sister: Can you call me auntie?

V: Sure, dad. Keep that helmet on!

Two more weeks. IMG_0811

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