Our Journey To Get Here

Our trip to get to Nikko was as uneventful as anyone can hope for in this life. Our 7 pieces of luggage, including hockey sticks, car seat and stroller, arrived. The turbulence entertained my girl as I used the force of my hand grip on the arm rest to keep us in the air. The sweating was considerably less than last year since Enid and Falcor did not make the journey this time, though I cried several times when V wasn’t looking because leaving them is like leaving a piece of my heart in the wrong place. And yet, here we are, humans of our family reunited. Dogs of our family safely with their grandparents. IcandothisIcandothisIcandothis.

I started with the chocolate around 8:30am on our 50 minute flight to Chicago. There is a firm ‘whatever it takes’ policy in this family when it comes to 24 hour travel days.


I wish I didn’t look this tired during the first hour this trip, but that’s the reality of this place.IMG_0839

She likes to take her own pictures now.IMG_0840

The good news is that we had almost 3 hours to wait before our next flight. This ‘help’ from V made the 10 minute walk take about 72 minutes but I thought it best to let her work towards physical exhaustion.IMG_0843

So ready.IMG_0844

The highest proportion of vegetables, particularly fresh veggies, in a vegetarian meal on an airline so far in my life.IMG_0846

The easiest 3 hours of the 13 hour flight.IMG_0849

Fresh clothes (except the skirt she literally sleeps in and lives in and can’t live without), fresh faced, landed in Tokyo!IMG_0850

Only in Japan would I get such specific service. IMG_0851

So we are here and this is happening and wake-up call was 3:30 am today thanks to jet-lag. And by ‘call’ I mean we found our child naked at the bottom of our bed playing with a cardboard box. Good morning?

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