On A Walk

Dave had his first actual road trip of the season this weekend. We kept busy with play group and errands, only ate pizza once, and I only yelled once in my mind and once out loud.

The only problem was that it rained. And rained. And rained the whole time. Our apartment is small people, REAL small, the kind of small that will make a pregnant woman and a toddler go insane if they don’t get out. So we’d gear up and go as far as V could bear to carry her umbrella.

IMG_0878 IMG_0879 IMG_0882 IMG_0884

Maybe I have the Stockholm Syndrome of parenting, but I’ve come to a point where I have a really good time hanging with V. She is more interesting and engaged in life than a lot of adults I know. A conversation we had on this walk upon seeing a large beetle:

V: We don’t want to stomp that beetle. ‘Member when I stomped a caterpillar and you were mad?

me: I remember, but I wasn’t mad. I was just a little sad! We should be gentle with any animal as long as it is not hurting us! <felt like I needed to leave leeway for bear attacks, mosquitos, etc.>

V: Yea but Harry Potter can try to kill a snake. That snake really wanted to hurt him.

me: Yea, it really did.

V: I don’t think this beetle wants to kill us, right? He seems tired.

me: Totally.


Despite how tiring they can be, I’m trying to hold close the days I have alone with my girl. Because soon a new human will be hanging off my boob 24/7 (the truth hurts) and though some things will always be the same in many ways lots of things will change. So we walk slower than tired beetles and look at every single rock and leaf and talk about the random, beautiful thoughts that come to the mind of a nearly 3 year old.

Also, how cute are her feet? IMG_0887

2 thoughts on “On A Walk

  1. Sooo sweet. Miss you guys. Can’t believe how big she is getting and how long her hair is. V’s toesies are adorable 🙂 xxoo miss you.

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