PSA: Non-Comprehensive List of Things Never To Say To A Pregnant Woman

It seems obvious and yet I must mention due to an unfortunate number of personal experiences:

‘Are you sure it’s not twins?’

Quite, thanks.

And somehow less obvious, though surely more important:

‘Should you really be eating that?’

‘Can you drink that?’

‘Are you allowed to do that?’

I’m considering making a t-shirt (a really big one, of course, so it fits over my surely-must-be-carrying-twins torso) that reads ‘Pregnant And Yet Somehow Still Completely In Charge Of My Own Body.’


11 thoughts on “PSA: Non-Comprehensive List of Things Never To Say To A Pregnant Woman

  1. Add in “wow, my daughter was never that big even at 9 months!” This in July – I didn’t give birth to Maddy until October!

    1. Lovely! What are people thinking? Here I’m already ‘overweight’ and got a lecture last week about how ‘did you know you are not really eating for two?’ Ummm please take a look at the perfect human being I already made and then stop talking!

  2. Crazy, right? Which is why I laughed out loud with genuine amusement when a dude on the street shouted after me “hey FATSO!!! hey, I’m talking to you, FATSO!” — because he had a reason (mental illness) but was basically just being a hair more candid than the people who ask if you’re having twins. Or due tomorrow.

  3. My boss told me towards the end of my first pregnancy :”I feel so weird seeing you that huge when you are normally so thin”. Ummm, YOU feel weird? Good it is a walk in the park for me then.
    Men are clueless :).

  4. Oh, also just thought of the friend who told me with both her kids “she walked out of the hospital wearing her normal jeans.” This while I’m nursing a newborn and still looking five months pregnant. I nodded politely and said, “wow, that must have been nice”, but inside I said “go f&*k yourself.”

  5. Oh, can I get one of those shirts? Please? My favourite here is when people act surprised that I can still carry my kid (PS only 6 months preg, not a quadruple amputee). Or when people ask my husband if *I* have permission to have a glass of wine. Oy.

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