On A Walk

The normal onset of a beautiful Tochigi fall has been delayed by alternating spells of typhoon-leftovers rain followed by heat and humidity reminiscent of the warmest Northern Michigan summer day. I’m trying to be patient  because soon  it will be the dead of winter and I’ll be trudging around with a newborn and an insane toddler, but still. I’m large and in charge right now, and sweat is gathering in places I’d rather not speak of.DSC_0087

The famous water of Nikko, a shared cup on every corner.
DSC_0088 DSC_0090

We are illiterate so I can give you no details on the message, but this political poster is everywhere and Dave has dubbed this man ‘Japanese Rick Moranis.’DSC_0092 DSC_0093 DSC_0095

Sometimes in Nikko things seem so normal that I forget to look up and see those amazing cedars.DSC_0096

Quick sidenote of utmost importance, especially if you have a human head sitting on your bladder: I have never been in a country with more plentiful or more spotlessly clean public restrooms. Can you even imagine this existing in the US?DSC_0098

Showing some signs of having inherited my hand-eye coordination.

But it’s ok because she climbs like a ninja.DSC_0100

This photo does not convey how scary this slide actually is, good job David.DSC_0102

2 thoughts on “On A Walk

  1. Man, that bathroom. Aside from the hygiene, people always say that “tagging” and graffiti have been around as long as man, but now we have an excuse to not do it (we SHOULD know better). It seems like Japan has realized its uselessness, the United States is waaaaay behind the curve on this one.

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