It’s A Girl

Our second daughter was born on Monday. And while I don’t think I’ve processed the event itself to a point yet where I could write it down, I want to share our joy and excitement at the birth of another healthy, beautiful little girl. Share it and shout it from the mountaintops. Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel.

The blog will probably be quieter for a while as I’m operating my computer mostly one-handed and operating my life mostly half-asleep. But we’re here and we’re figuring it out. I’ll try to send up a smoke signal now and again.

In the meantime, before I let you feast your eyes on our newest creation, a few words about Dave. I could write an entire post, an entire book, about that man and how it feels to see him father our children, but I don’t have the time or one-handed typing skills. So let me say this:

When I was in labor, struggling to get through another breath, nothing felt more steady and more real than this shoulders under my palms. When I was screaming for him to HELP. ME. during the peak of our newest daughter’s birth, he looked me squarely in the eyes and said with the most sincerity any human that was as helpless to actually help as he was could muster and said “I’ll do anything you need me to. But YOU’VE GOT THIS. You’ve got this. You’re doing it yourself.” When she emerged and landed on my chest the purest joy that has ever existed was all over his face. As I struggled to regain my composure (and my ability to stand and walk without moaning) in the coming hours he was my crutch and as I cringed at the sight of my post-partum body in the mirror I saw his reflection behind me and felt sure he saw nothing but my beauty. You can’t buy this kind of love, you can’t teach a man to be this kind of person. My girls are my world and I will forever revolve around them, but Dave is the gravity, momentum, the solar power to the whole operation.

And now we are four.ย IMG_1194 IMG_1198 IMG_1215 DSC_0121 DSC_0110 DSC_0126 DSC_0102

7 thoughts on “It’s A Girl

  1. Oh, Lane. Congratulations!!! I’ve been thinking of you this week, waiting to hear and hoping all was well in your world, and this is just all so beautiful. Thanks for posting.

    Happy holidays indeed!

  2. Shoot, even I am thankful for the love you and Dave have, its inspiring. CONGRATS on your beautiful addition and maybe you don’t write so much as you just post pictures every now and then!

  3. The wonder of newborns makes me cry, the devotion of a good man to his family makes me cry = this post makes me a crying mess :).
    I am so happy for you all that the schedule worked and he was able to be there. And of course it brings back my own memories, and at the same time makes me sad for all the women who had to (and in a lot of places still have to) do it on their own.

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