MerryChristmasHappyNewYear What Day Is It

So much has changed since last New Year.  This year the holidays came and went among the arrival and departure of all the amazing family members we had come visit to help us celebrate the arrival of our new little lady. We still got up a tree and opened gifts but let’s face it…Christmas in Japan is a sad situation as it is, when you barely know when you last brushed your teeth or whether your boob is out it adds to the heaviness of the syndrome called ‘Christmas Far From Home.’ DSC_0179

But we were merry. Merrier than ever. Because what we have is all the warm cozy fire and gingerbread I could ever imagine.DSC_0185

As for New Year’s well…around 11:55pm I briefly opened my eyes and thought to myself ‘in 5 minutes I will give Dave a kiss’ and I woke up a while later thinking ‘oh well.’ So Happy New Year. And all that. We still got out for a walk as per our tradition on New Year’s Day, not the same without Falcor and Enid but made special since Dave’s mom and sister were here. DSC_0210

Everything is made more special with wings. And a walking stick.DSC_0214

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