Best Conversation I’ve Had This Week

Scene: Vesper and I are playing puzzles, baby O is quietly resting on a blanket a few feet away. One of those peaceful, wooden toy moments that usually last about 90 seconds but having you feel like you are NAILING it parenting-wise.

::a fart sound ripples through the room::

V: Was that me or you?

me: You would know if it was you! It wasn’t me, so maybe it was the baby!

V: Well I’ll get my magnifying glass and we can investigate…because SOMEONE needs to say ‘excuse me!’

me: Why, are you the fart police? ::employing sarcasm that might be above the level of a 3 year old::

V: GREAT IDEA! Weeee-ooooo weeee-ooooo FART POLICE! TO THE RESCUE!


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