On A Walk: No Boys Allowed

We have, officially, survived our first weekend fully on our own while Dave was away on a road trip. I marketed it to V as ‘Girl’s Weekend!’ in order to soften the blow of dad being away, but that title tends to imply images of champagne and girly movies and manicures where as this was more breastmilk and the movie My Neighbor Totoro on repeat and the monitoring of bodily functions. But still.

Having a newborn is interesting because you have a non-verbal, very needy, very adorable, very floppy human in your arms/strapped to your body/sucking the life out of your 24 hours a day. And that person is, like I said, VERY cute but essentially a a stranger. It seems amazing to me now that V was once this unknown to me. And so unable to control her limbs. Because now she is this full person who can run and jump and ask me really confusing questions: Why do we lock the door? For safety. Because someone is going to kill us? No! Because someone is going to take me? No. Because someone is going to steal our clothes? No. So let’s leave it unlocked. We can’t. Why not…is someone going to kill us? And on and on and on.

But despite all the newness and strangeness and exhaustion, it does feel…is it cliche if I say ‘right’? It feels like I went from having one daughter to two daughters and now we are three cool ladies just passing the time together. As normal as could be.

This is my view as we venture out into the world.


Little V, now not so little, is leaving me in the dust. Or the mud, as it were.
DSC_0275 DSC_0278 DSC_0279 DSC_0280 DSC_0281 DSC_0283

One thought on “On A Walk: No Boys Allowed

  1. As you know U was the same age as V when N was born. And she was SO big to me back then, compared to her newborn brother. Now N is at that age but I still have this feeling that he is small, a baby. I am beginning to understand my mum when she’d tell me that I’d always be her baby (I am sure he will not appreciate hearing it as a teenager though so there is some work to do for me :)). But then I see him next to a “real” baby and I want to weep.

    Looks like you are coping really well with them on your own, kudos to you!

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