On A Walk: First Snow

Perhaps it seems like I’m trying to taunt my friends and family back in North America who’ve been suffering through the winter of polar vortexes and record snowfall by saying that today, February 4, was our first real snow of the winter. But while you were freezing you were also speaking in English and eating licorice and having friends and accessing epidurals during childbirth and going to Mexican restaurants. So I don’t feel bad at all bragging of our rather mild winter. And our child-like (more appropriate for some of us than others) glee at today’s accumulation.IMG_1368

Furthermore, I’d like to pat myself on the back because putting a 3 year old in snow clothes while wrapping up and strapping on a newborn and keeping everyone from crying or pooping on me is a feat. I had planned to work out today but the I spent 2 hours of my morning dressing us then pulling a sled with a 30 pound weight with a smaller but sweatier 13 pound weight tied to my torso. A four mile run would have brought similar volume of sweat. So we’ll say I’ve burned my calories for the day.IMG_1369 IMG_1370 IMG_1372

The truth is that all the work it took to get us out of the house was worth the payoff. Of the fresh air and the change of scene. It’s been a lonely season, I don’t mind admitting. Visits from family around the birth of baby O helped the time to pass, and the friendship of the other imports is invaluable. But circumstances and childbirth and logistics have left me a bit isolated. A wide open expanse of time without social engagements squeezed into the cramped quarters of our living space. And now that our 500 sq ft apartment contains one more person and our toddler is refusing to go to daycare, we’re all feeling a little penned in.
IMG_1373 IMG_1375

The weather has been as good as it can be for someone in my situation. The sun shines almost every day and temperatures have barely gone below freezing. I’ve been able to take walks and open a window and dry my laundry. But despite that, there was something about the snow and the cold that made V and I both want to get out and feel it rather than stay in and avoid it. Maybe we share a love of boots and rosy cheeks. Plus we both look good in hats.IMG_1377IMG_1378

A morning spent this way is a perfect reminder of the importance of living in the now. We can plan all we want (I really want to) and fret as much as we let ourselves (it’s a pastime of mine) but someday soon our lives will be more ‘normal.’ We’ll be in our home culture and with new and old friends and my kids won’t need my physical presence as much as they do now. And I’ll miss travel and strangeness and the special bond that social solitude allows Dave and I to form.Β IMG_1379

So Ves and I roamed the woods and explored the hills and got wet and cold and happy. We laughed together and made plans together and solved the traumatic incident of snow in the mitten together.Β IMG_1380 IMG_1381 IMG_1382

Oh and we brought the baby too. She’s under there. Somewhere.IMG_1384

9 thoughts on “On A Walk: First Snow

  1. You don’t know me, but you need to know how much I enjoy reading your writing. It always brings me joy and I’m always happy to see a post pop up in my reader. I find you inspirational and breath of fresh air compared to other ‘mommy’ writings I find. Thanks and Thanks!!!

  2. I love your writing!! You are so strong. As a fellow hockey wife and mother of a baby I can relate. Other then the Japan thing. Hopefully we can go back to Europe next year again and do some exploring. It’s true that once you are gone you will look back and laugh and appreciate the culture and adventure, as u know. Hang in there and I wish you and your beautiful family all the best!

  3. Beautiful post! Congrats on getting out with two little ones in tow – in the snow – it is no easy feat. Loved the pics – I think the snow angel was my fave! πŸ™‚

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