Snowday In 500 Sq Ft


After the enchanting snowfall of early February, last weekend brought a suffocating blizzard. The kind that makes going out nearly impossible and braving the roads inadvisable. And the mild winter that has spoiled me so came down heavy on my head as we were trapped inside.

There’s only so much one  can do in a space like this. Housework, for sure. Keeping a small space tidy is crucial!


I found these pine cones in the cupboard. Storing them for the long winter, perhaps?DSC_0510

Reminder: looked like this outside for 30 hours.  That great white space is where the mountains should be. And people are clearing the sidewalks with old brooms and, get this one, kettle of hot water. Not a joke.DSC_0516

Butcher paper and glue and markers and sequins and any other random thing that might occupy 30 seconds of time. A day stucin this box with a 3 year and a newborn is measured in 30 second increments, for your information.DSC_0518DSC_0519

Then what? More utcher paper. And fingerpaints. In the bathroom because honestly I checked my email for a few minutes. THERE! I SAID IT!


Finger painting usually requires a bath afterwards. And having a Popsicle in the bath is normal. And hygienic. Sidenote: notice the size of the Popsicle, that is the full size. Can we say portion control!?DSC_0514

After that it’s pajamas and Ponyo with chocolate of some kind of another. And yes we keep multiple kinds of chocolate spread in our house. It’s a survival technique.DSC_0520

Baby O mostly did this. Smart girl.


3 thoughts on “Snowday In 500 Sq Ft

  1. Sounds like you made the absolute best of a looong day inside…which is *so* hard with wee ones! And kudos on the Nutella…you’re balancing it with apples – just like we do at our house – so it’s all good! 🙂

  2. That is the smallest popsicle I have ever seen. And having been stuck in our bigger than 500 sq ft house for 3 days now I say bless you, you are a brave woman.

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