In Captivity

You guys. After that post about a snow day, Dave went on the road to Shanghai. And the day he left he called to tell me had the stomach flu. Oh and remember how we shared a dish at the restaurant last night? In other words, your flu is in the mail. And remember how the restaurant is Indian food? Not the best meal to eat right before your body starts violently ejecting everything.

Dave got struck by the flu while traveling. Via bus then plane he had to use public and airplane restrooms and suffer through the indecency of flu symptoms in those environs. Then he had to have the stomach flu and recover from it in China, not the best place to start out with intestinal problems. In any normal scenario, I would have felt SO bad for him. And really, I did feel bad. For about 10 minutes before my own flu began. Do you know who has no time for sympathy? A woman with stomach flu in a foreign country caring for an infant and a toddler. AIN’T GOT NO TIME FOR THAT. In fact I started having thoughts like ‘having the stomach flu isn’t even HARD for him, he’s in a HOTEL! with HBO! and silence! and sleeping pills! and zero children!’ Meanwhile I was vomiting in the kitchen sink while V stood behind me saying things like ‘that sounds like a waterfall!’ Yes, he had it easy. Rat bastard with his luxurious stomach flu.

The merciful part about this flu was that the violent parts didn’t last long. Within 12 hours of it beginning I was able to, with the aid of inadvisable amounts of ibuprofen, take over raising my kids where the TV and my breast had left off. Within 24 hours I was feeling almost normal, only slightly more tired than the normal amount of tired. To say I was grateful for this is a gross understatement.

The thing is, during my flu a record setting snowstorm had settled in over all of Honshu. It started on Friday and didn’t stop until late Sunday. It was snow. And snow and snow. It made that last snowstorm look like a handful of flurries. Then, just in case we weren’t sure about Mother Nature being in complete and total control of us, it sort of sleeted on top of all that snow and then froze in to a charming ice layer.

Finally, finally, finally, it stopped. And we bundled up and marched around for a while and breathed outside air. And I started an hourly countdown until Dave’s return. Because 6 days with two kids is one thing. Not the easiest, but doable. Six days with 2 kids plus a stomach flu plus being shut in by a storm is almost too much. Almost. Too much.

We survived though. The following is a pictorial of our days in captivity. DSC_0593

Every single bowl and pot, with all utensils, plus a bottle of sprinkles. And release.DSC_0595

The silent observer.DSC_0599

Just keeps coming.DSC_0600 DSC_0601 DSC_0605 DSC_0606

A prisoner on the patio.DSC_0607

A princess in her tower.DSC_0610(2)

With all her friends.DSC_0611

Working on writing.DSC_0612

Drawing with her entourage.DSC_0613

We read books. All the books. Twice.DSC_0614 DSC_0617 IMG_1390 IMG_1394 IMG_1395

Out for some air.DSC_0619

It seemed like they really had a connection.DSC_0620 DSC_0621

I kid you not, at one point she had a meltdown about cake so intense I ended up putting  candles in this bread and singing happy birthday to her. Then re-lit them and did it again. I swear.IMG_1402

Working from home means two hands on the keyboard, one foot on the baby seat.IMG_1404 IMG_1412Finally the sun started shining. Finally. And then daddy came home.




8 thoughts on “In Captivity

  1. Oh my goodness. I started sweating just by reading this. So glad that D is back, the sun is back and you can catch a breath.

    And you actually managed to do some work??? Seriously, what happy drugs/meditation techniques/wine/whatelseisthere are you using, I need me some of it.
    A couple of weeks ago our nanny was sick so I stayed home with N but had to do some stuff for work. Even with him being a super-easy, great at independent play type of kid I ended up hyperventilating. I have no idea how people who work from home on regular basis with children around do it.

  2. Laughing so hard about the “meltdown about cake so intense I ended up putting candles in this bread and singing happy birthday to her.” It’s like an excerpt from my daily life! The things we do….

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