About Enid

Enid joined our pack on October 17th 2008 after four long years on the streets of Bakersfield. Formerly fending for herself and her many litters, Enid is now accustomed to the life of leisure and love. Always the skeptic, Enid wears a worried look on her tiny face but always seems contented once she is sleeping soundly curled up on the warm lap of a friend.

Enid’s namesake is my best friend Jess, who so carelessly discarded her middle name once she became married, thinking that it would be lost in the abyss. Fortunately, we adopted a skinny, shy, loving and awkward dog who needed the perfect name, and Enid was there for the taking.

Enid loves cuddling and physical affection more than anything in the world. Once unsure of the great outdoors, she now happily tears through the woods hot on the heels of her brother Falcor. She loves breakfast, dinner and all treats in between. Lovingly nicknamed ‘the sweetest little psycho,’ Enid is wary of dogs who might disrupt her happy home and humans who don’t pet her on demand. For fun, in between naps, Enid wrestles with Falcor, chews on a bone, or simply rolls on her back growling at the injustices of the world.

If you would like to find a friend to add to your family, please contact your local rescue agency or consult PetFinder to adopt an animal that truly needs a home.

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