Music On Monday: Northern Touch

Important notice: Canadians make their own hip hop, and according to Dave it peaked with this little number in 1997. Hip to the hop lovers may cite Drake as a better or more current example, but in this household we have a hard time pumping the tires of anyone who associates with Lil’ Wayne.

As I relish my time in the neighborhood to our North, join me as we travel 15 years into the past and jam to these beats.

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Music On Monday: Marlaina Kamikaze

I am always, always, always looking for music for my runs that is also in the alternative/folk genre and doesn’t use auto-tune. The Zolas popped up in iTunes as a suggestion (oh iTunes, you know me so well) and I was immediately drawn to their sound. I love the strength of the lead singer’s vocals, I love the plethora of instruments I heard on their albums, I love the creativity of the lyrics. Also, as a rule I love any band that includes at least one beard and two hoodies. Check and check. Once I had purchased a few of their songs I hit up their website and found they are, wait for it, CANADIAN. What is my deal!? Musically inclined Canadian men with facial hair are like my Achille’s heel!

This video is a fun one-take version of a song that is now in heavy rotation in the daily playlist of my life. I love videos like this because you can truly see the talent of the musicians and I feel like I get a small glimpse in to how much fun they have making music. But if I’m honest, once they really started jamming on the hotel bed I immediately thought: ‘I hope the people in the next room don’t have a sleeping baby.’ Oh. My. God. I am old and lame. Never invite me to a party at your house, I’ll be passing out coasters.

P.S. A fellow runner, music lover and blogger has been inspired my M.O.M. posts (I’m so flattered!) and has started his own on-going series ‘Sounds, Suds and Cinema’…the first installment does not disappoint, check it out here!

M.O.M. Past:

Sarah Harmer

Timbaland ft. The Hives

Rene and Jeremy

Elvis Perkins in Dearland

Brendan Benson

The White Stripes

Janelle Monae

They Might Be Giants


The Frames

Great Lake Swimmers

The Who

Andrew Bird

Cold War Kids

Michael Buble ft. Shania Twain

Butterfly Boucher

Hey Rosetta!/Said the Whale

Tracy Chapman

White Rabbits

Jack Johnson

Nerina Pallot

Lauryn Hill



Music on Monday: Oleander

For a while I’ll be devoting a post each Monday to music. Music I am loving now, music I loved before, music baby rocks out to, music I run with. Growing up, Dave and I were both turned into music lovers by our music loving parents. When we met, our shared love of a good song gave us a lot to talk about. We love folk music, bluegrass, rock, rap, country and even *GASP a hipster will faint somewhere when I type this* pop music. Sometimes, when under the influence of…life, we get weepy just thinking of all the music we will never have time to listen to. The injustice of it all!

Now that the baby is here, we’ve started to revisit a lot of our old favorites in order to introduce her to the best of the best. We’ve taken to iTunes with a new vigor, looking for new songs that we think will add to her musical education. So here, on Mondays, I’ll share with you some of the highlights. The soundtrack of our lives, if you will. The Traveling Circus Greatest Hits.

I’ll start with Sarah Harmer because she is probably the most played artist in our house. She rocked my world with Weeping Tile, crooned our wedding song, and sings this glorious little number that helps me through the initial loneliness of re-adjusting abroad. Nothing but Sarah Harmer can make me think of my best friend and so many of our special times together. My husband and our wedding vows. My baby girl, my past and present, her future.

If I ever get to meet her in person to thank her (let’s not count the times when I sat listening to her in the front row of a tiny venue drooling) I’ll probably get arrested for freaking her out. Enjoy.